Affordable, Reliable Web Hosting.

Get Hosted is a full service web host, providing PHP, MySQL, FTP access as well as full cPanel control. This basically means you'll have total control over your website(s). There are full backups done monthy, and specific backups done daily (you should still back up your own data manually). Our service hasn't gone down since we launched on our new configuration over 4 years ago.

Before You Begin

The first thing you'll need is at least one domain name. A domain name is simply any ".com," ".net," or ".org" name that you purchase (there are other suffixes available as well). Examples of domain names are:,,,

It's basically your very own web address!

Domain names are registered through any domain name registrar such as Domain Name Systems or GoDaddy. Click here to search for domain name registrars to buy your domain name. Domain names must be renewed once a year (or more depending on how many years you purchase it for), so please make sure you keep it registered or it will expire!

At this time does not provide domain name registration services.

If you require help with purchasing a domain name, please contact us and we'll do our best to help you.

Upon purchasing a domain name (or more), you will have to "point" the domains to your future account. All domain names require two name servers in order for them to function correctly. Many registrars ask for name servers immediately after or during your domain name purchase. Some require you to log into their system and configure your name servers.

The two name server entries are: is for name server 1, and is for name server 2. Notice that they're and NOT

If you are having problems getting through this process contact your domain name registrar's customer support. If they're not any help contact us and we'll do our best to get you set up!

Hosting Packages

Domain name(s) all set up? Excellent. Now you must choose your hosting package.

Hosting packages can be customized below. The default configuration will work very will with any site that's a small to medium size; great for starting up. If you aren't sure what your transfer is monthly, or how much storage you'll be using, you can start with the default configuration and see how you do the first month.

Select your hosting preferences below and click "Next step" to continue the ordering process.

Your Info

Please enter your information into the respective fields. Your information will never be made public or abused in any way.

Your Domain Name


Enter your main domain name here. If you have more than one simply pick one that will represent you and your account. Make sure you got your domain suffix in there (.net, .com, .org, and so forth)! Also, make sure you've got it registered with the name servers pointing to and

Transfer (Gigabytes per month)

This relates to how much data is transferred to and from your website(s) that are hosted by If your transfer is exceeded, your site will be "switched off" until the next month or until your account is upgraded.

E-mail Addresses

How many e-mail addresses do you need? Most startup websites shouldn't need more than 10, but this all depends on the type of business you run and how many people are involved. Note: As part of the TOS, if your website is involved with spamming in any form, your account will be shut down with NO refund.

Domain Names

When you are hosted by, you can have multiple domain names on one account. They will all share the same transfer limit, e-mail limit, and storage limit. Note: As mentioned above and in the Terms of Service, spamming in any form will cause your account to be shut down without refund.


Storage consists of how much hard disk space your website will occupy. Simple websites won't need more than 1 Gigabyte of storage. Websites with databases, images, or media will require more storage.

Payment Frequency

The more hosting you purchase now, the more you save in the long run. Choose whichever is suited for you. Note: As part of the TOS, late payments will cause your website to be switched off until your account balance is up to date. Fees will be applied to late payments.

Promotional Code

If you have a promotional code please enter it here!

Setup Fee

A small, one time $24.99 setup fee is charged to create and administer your new account.

Security Question

Please enter the sum of 12 and 5.

This verifies that you're a human being and won't be spamming us!

Hosting Total: $ (this will be billed monthly)
Setup Fee: $ (this is a one time fee)
Grand Total: $ (what you pay now)

Check to agree to's Terms of Service (opens in a new window).

Check to agree with this statement: "I understand that I agree to provide 30 days advance written notice should I elect to cancel my hosting with"