Frequently Asked Questions

This section was created to hopefully answer any questions you might have that have been asked before. If your question isn't here, feel free to contact us!


Q. Do you offer Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transactions?
A. Not at the moment, no.
Q. Do your servers ever experience downtime?
A. No. If there is any downtime, it'll only be a few minutes. Since I started hosting my own websites and other websites in 2005 using this configuration, my servers haven't ever gone down.
Q. Do you have any redundancy/backups for data?
A. Yes, although we cannot guaruntee your backups will be 100% intact when they are retrieved. We strongly advise you make your own manual backups.
Q. How soon can you set up my account after we sign up?
A. Within 24-48 hours. If it takes longer, we've got a pretty big workload going.
Q. What happens when my site exceeds bandwidth?
A. Your site will go down! If you get close to your max, let us know and we'll work with you on getting you more data transfer. Bandwidth costs money so you will be charged accordingly.
Q. Is adding more bandwidth and storage easy? How do I do that?
A. Just contact us and we'll work out the details.
Q. I need access to a backup!
A. Contact us and we'll try and dig it up for you. You'll need to be very specific on what you need. Full backups are done monthly, so there's a chance we might not be able to recover your files. Our advice: Make sure you back changes up on your local computer!
Q. Do you offer domain name registration?
A. At the moment we do not. You'll have to register your domain name at a site like GoDaddy or Domain Name Systems.
Q. What are my name servers after I register a domain name and sign up with you?
A. Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:
Q. I found a web hosting company that has cheaper rates than yours. Will you do any price matching?
A. Unfortunately, no. We're more about quality than quantity. Our higher quality standards require higher operating costs. All of our hosting is customized and set up by hand, plus we believe that maintaining higher quality service and excellent customer relations warrants our prices. We know we're not the cheapest. We also know how confident we are in our reliability and service. A few bucks more a month will go so much further for you and your website.

Web Development

Q. Why don't you have prices on your web development page?
A. Every web development project is different every time. Programming and database design is the most expensive part of development, where standard HTML/CSS and graphics aren't quite as much.
Q. I noticed that your web development services are unavailable. Why is this? When will you be available to work on my website?
A. Our web development services become unavailable due to workload. We're a smaller company so our development staff is pretty minimal.
Q. Can I submit my project to you even if you are unavailable? I can wait until you're ready.
A. You can submit them, but we can't promise that we will be able to accept your project. This all depends on our workload and if there's a queue of projects waiting for us.
Q. How can I speed up the process of development?
A. Provide me as much content as possible. Graphics, photos, mission statements, service descriptions - everything you can possibly think of. The more the better. If you offer your customers brochures or material about your goods and services, that will do very nicely and will help speed up the development process. Also, take the time and put together what you envision on your website. Feel free to sketch things out and type up documents on what your web pages will say. If I don't have to spend the time typing things out, things will go much faster.